[SPQ Article] Mark Anthony Hair Salon

“Success is a journey, not a destination”
by Dessie Bey

The ambiance in the reception area sets you at ease; a Charles Bibbs painting adorns the reception room wall. You recognize the culture of beauty that you will become in your own way.

Women psych themselves up for an appointment at the salon. We walk in knowing that we’re suspended in time and patiently wait. “Time waits for no one” but everything is on hold when a woman props herself in the chair of her stylist and lets him/her work magic. If you’re lucky enough to get on the books of Anthony Jefferson you count it a blessing.

Mark Anthony Hair Salon Inc. opened in 1998 and Owner/Operator Anthony Jefferson can boast of 25 years professional experience in the business. His résumé illuminates a history of service under premiere establishments: Pittsburgh Beauty Academy, primary barber instructor; stylist at Bobby J’s, Pro Hair Designs and Premadonna’s Hair Salon. Anthony obtained his barber and teacher’s license from the Pittsburgh Beauty Academy and was privately trained by Framesi International, the nation’s leading hair color company.  Click Here for Full Details

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Explore Nursing at the Univ. of Pittsburgh – Next Workshop March 6th at Pitt

at the University of Pittsburgh

Upcoming Workshops – March 6 & April 3
All Times are 6 PM – 7:30 PM

@ Victoria Hall, Univ. of Pittsburgh, Oakland

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Did you get your copy of Soul Pitt Quarterly Magazine?

People around town are saying awesome things about the new issue of our magazine!  More will be distributed today and Saturday.  Here are some folks enjoying their copy while riding the bus into work.  Let us know what you think about our Fall 2012 print issue of Soul Pitt Quarterly.  Click here or the comment link below to share what you like or don’t like.  We are always looking to improve and we are always looking for great story ideas from the community.

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The International Fashion House adds more diversity in Bloomfield!

Have you been to the International Fashion House yet?  You should stop by and check it out.  It makes a nice addition to the Bloomfield shopping district.  In fact, the entire Bloomfield shopping district is really changing and becoming more diversified.  The IFH is the first African clothing and accessories shop in Bloomfield and it’s full of some really nice finds.  Stop by when you get a chance.  They even carry Soul Pitt Quarterly’s :)  Did you know?  FH is a CEED Skills to Wealth Initiative to promote the entrepreneurial skills of underserved and disadvantaged cooperative of sewers in Southwestern PA.  They are located at 4705 Liberty Avenue.

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Meet 3TG…Three Talented Girlz | Bryce, Imani and Summerlove

Meet 3TG… Bryce, Imani and Summerlove.  A talented new young trio group from Pittsburgh, PA have made their mark on the music scene. The three stylish girls came together while attending summer camp. Bryce, Imani and Summerlove joined forces with their singing, raping, dancing and writing their own music to become, 3TG…Three Talented Girlz! Recently they became the Grand Prize Winners in the WAMO 100’s Local Love Talent Showcase. The Girlz performed, “Skool Dayz” and “Growin’ Up” at the August Wilson Center. They continue to stay busy with school, church and building their musical career.

3 Facts About 3TG

  1. 3TG (Three Talented Girlz)  were the Grand Prize Winners of WAMO 100′s Local Love Talent Showcase. The group won a Performance Opportunity, an Artist Profile on WAMO100.com,
  2. Their song will be a part of an AT&T radio commercial on WAMO100 and their original radio-edit song will be played On-Air!!!!
  3. 3TG consist of:  “Summerlove” Summer Helvy, Bryce Chisolm and Imani Chisolm

For more information on 3TG check out their fb page at 3TG Three Talented Girlz. For more information on 3TG contact: Ruby Helvy, Manager  helvy5@verizon.net  or  Harriet Jackson, Publicist hfreejack@hotmail.com
For more information on the WAMO 100 Talent Show contact: Orlana Darkins at orlana@wamo100.com

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Revolution Tour - Michael W. Smith, Jordan Feliz and Nathan Tasker