Europe wants host of safety measures to get a part of new autos

Europe wants to host new European bought cars need a common future, soon used, 500 lifestyles to avoid at 160, Europe agrees raft "Classic Commission Other unexpected new arrivals unexpectedly stopping somnolence turning away from the consideration of feelings for motorists "dark color file recorder" records recorder detection systems kept on charter warn when motorists, such as motorcyclists, make their full list soon after, according to a survey conducted by NHTSA, misappropriation of unwanted feelings will be the biggest monster on national highways, according to a survey conducted by NHTSA. A 2015 study from Western Europe, Motorist Diversion, indicates that "in epidemiological surveys, approximately 5 to 25% of car breakdowns are already caused by a diversion of unwanted sensations." Western Europe has now concluded a provisional political contract with the amended Standard Safety Regulations. By 2022, new security systems will become necessary in Western vehicles to protect passengers, individuals and cyclists, including by preventing driver drowsiness and the diversion of unwanted feelings, intelligent assistance, features immediate assistance, unexpected help stop plus a dark color packet to save the incident files. Every year, 25,500 men and women lose their prosperity on Western highways. The vast majority, i. electronic. Ninety percent of these accidents are caused by a human error. "We can easily and should behave to improve this, and by using the new, higher security measures that will become necessary, we can easily have the usual impact, such as when safety straps were introduced for the first time," he said. Commissioner Elbieta Bieńkowska, in charge of the Inner Marketplace, companies, companies and SMEs. The development of higher safety measures could save more than 25,500 lifestyles and at least 160,500 serious injuries by 2038, according to Western Europe. "There were new features before, especially in large cars, and now we are improving the level of safety and creating an automated and flexible flexibility for the future," says Bieńkowska.

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