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The Ronto class introduced the furniture of Baer Home and Janet Graham of Internal Design, ASID completed the preliminary planning of interior design of this 303 named Belair at 14 14 Central, a new walkway accessible to walk, allows access to the local Gadgets: Plug into community must be created from the creator of Central Avenue, between Eleventh Road and Goodlette-Honest Highway, in downtown Southwest Florida. Belair is just one of four designated Phase I versions that Ronto will introduce at 14:14 Central. They are all four committed and will also be designed to be viewed shortly after the end of construction through a lease-back by the creator. Characteristics of Phase I: 62 households with five open two-room floor plans, two additional rooms and three open-air rooms, ranging from one, 407 to two, 297 m². ft of just living space, which includes the balconies included. Some floor plans, Atlantic and Avalon, are on offer. Pricing before construction around the remaining unsold households starts at Money725,500. Ronto hopes to start construction after this coming year. Graham made a warm and fashionable interior fit for this Belair style. The style will include a neighborhood look. With as much as one, 741 sq. ft of just living space and one, 561 sq. ft Below oxygen, Belair's strategy includes an important lounge that breaks down with an enclosed terrace, a restaurant and a house. With foundations reaching $ 690,500, the program also includes two bedrooms, two pools, a den and a separate laundry area. Graham has added upper kitchen cabinets to improve the operation of the wash area.

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