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SINGAPORE. At the Arden, the Changi Airport Party and the Shilla Obligation Liberal combine their two new bleached herbal tea flavors at Singapore Changi Airport, where they will be exclusively accessible until 31/03. To commemorate this trip, an exclusivity reserved for the stores, the model of elegance possessed by Revlon generated the first image of the Earth: the new tea of ​​the house Arden Whitened Herbal House highlights the new White Herens whitened tea flavored with vanilla Orchid aromas. Located in the departure hall of Terminal 1 of the airport terminal, next to Shilla's main store, the crop is visible on March 3rd and can be open until April 13th. The Moodie Davitt Report- was invited to watch the fantastic starting service of the campaign mounted on 11 03. More than 100 elizabeth arden green tea body cream guests attended the big event, which includes superstar nearby Diana Ser, very important representative of the three partner organizations, as well as with influential social media and advertising influencers. At the Arden, Stephane Bonnet, second in command of Global Journey Retail, was available to begin encouraging guests and introducing the NumberWhiteTeaMoments marketing campaign. He explained, "The Bleached Tea House offers a new multi-perspective 360 ​​° approach to experimenting with our new flavors and immersing ourselves in the arena at At the Arden." We are bringing together a fragrance unit with natural skin care. while offering relaxation and pleasant moments to our customers. "The buyer will probably be decorated with reassuring portions of green tea encouraged by the style of the bleached tea scent collection.

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